The LOFT after-school program is a place for children in the 4th -8th grades to enjoy a supervised setting to hang out with friends, do homework or participate in gym activities. We utilize our wonderful outdoor space as often as possible and focus on physical activity, social-emotional wellness, and student connection. A small snack is provided at 3:30-4pm. LOFT offers a space for our older children to engage with their peers in an unstructured environment.

The LOFT located above the Lagunitas Community Gym offers a seamless transition from in-school time to after school time for 4th through 8th graders, and serves as a stop over for many students who participate in after-school sports or extracurriculars. The LOFT is an awesome place to hang and students love it – with crafts, games, sports, and more, what’s not to love!? Our staff make use of the Community Gym and the surrounding outdoor space to create an experience for students that is far beyond childcare, while also prioritizing safety and supervision. Healthy snacks are provided every day.

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