About Us
We are a welcoming and dynamic hub for human services, arts and culture, education, health and wellness, and community building. We offer programs and services for residents throughout a lifetime and our historic building is a gathering place for celebration and connection.
Our Mission
To foster healthy communities within the San Geronimo Valley and Nicasio by providing an inclusive, diverse, and dynamic center for locally based human services, arts and culture, education, health and wellness, and community building.

Equity and Belonging

What we believe: The San Geronimo Valley Community Center recognizes that social justice is fundamental to the health of our communities and to our mission as an organization. We commit to examining our organizational behavior on an ongoing basis to ensure that our programs, practices, and procedures are antiracist, equitable, and inclusive of all in our community. We commit to accepting all without bias and taking intentional action for social justice and we commit to creating culturally diverse programming that educates, inspires action, and shifts norms.

Our Team
Our San Geronimo Valley Community Center team is the heartbeat of our organization. Made up of a diverse set of individuals, our team members operate with kindness and inclusivity, empowering our community residents through creative program offerings, critical services, and opportunities for connection.
Board of Directors
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David Bernard
Liora Soladay
Vice President
Alexander McQuilkin
Co-Vice President
John Beckerley
Owen Clapp
Carolina Balazs
Governance Committee chair, DEIJ Committee Co-chair
Sarah Brewster
Matthew Brockley
Buddy Faure
NextGen Board Member
Zak Goodman
Brandon Johnson
David Lakes
Facilities Committee Chair
Kelly Lawson
Wyatt Miceli
NextGen Board Member
Amy Waterhouse
Personnel Committee Chair
Bonny White
DEIJ Committee Chair

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The San Geronimo Community Center is strongly interested in equitable hiring and broadening the cultural competencies of our staff. Ethnically, culturally and linguistically diverse candidates will find a receptive atmosphere in our organization.