School Linked Programs

The San Geronimo Valley Community Center (i.e., Community Center) partners with Lagunitas School to support in-school programs and extra-curricular activities. Our School-Linked Coordinator works closely with Lagunitas School’s principal and Community Center staff to deliver quality programs.

School programs include weekly Social-Emotional Literacy (SEL) classes, elective classes, seasonal events, and youth and parent education nights. The Community Center also coordinates a volunteer Job Training Program that connects students to volunteer internship opportunities throughout Marin County. Other extra-curricular activities include open gym nights, outings to parks and open spaces, and locally organized youth events.

Social-Emotional Literacy (SEL)

The Community Center’s involvement with Social-Emotional Literacy classes at Lagunitas School dates back to a Healthy Start grant received in the mid 1990s. Students in grades 6-8 meet weekly for 45 minutes with classroom teachers and trained facilitators. Classes encourage students to consider emotional health and wellness from multiple perspectives.

SEL classes utilize individual reflection, experiential education, group discussions, and media tools to support student learning. Themes covered include:

  • Identification, expression, and management of emotions
  • Empathy, compassion, teamwork
  • Healthy relationships (i.e., friendship, bullying, peer relations)
  • Drug and alcohol prevention & early intervention
  • Media literacy
  • Embracing diversity

Emotional literacy requires a unique set of competencies. Our program is founded on the premise that people who manage their own feelings well (i.e., self-regulation), and who deal effectively with other people’s feelings, will benefit personally, academically, and professionally. Emotional self-regulation can be hard work for both students and adults.  By engaging in social-emotional literacy at an early age, students are better prepared to navigate life’s many challenges.

SEL facilitators honor confidentiality and request that all students do the same. We adopt the motto, “What is said here stays here, what is learned here leaves here.” This motto encourages students to share what they learn in their own words without disclosing the personal information of others.

West Marin Coalition for Healthy Youth

The West Marin Coalition for Healthy Youth aims to reduce the underage use of alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs in Marin County. The Coalition is focused on providing healthy recreation alternatives to substance use and promoting community engagement with local resources. You can learn more about the West Marin Coalition for Healthy Youth by visiting their website, here.

Student Leadership

The Student Leadership group is an elective class facilitated by a classroom teacher. Our School-Linked Coordinator often supports the Student Leadership group’s efforts to host events, promote fundraisers, and engage in service projects. The Community Center is honored and excited to help Student Leadership whenever possible.

Parent Education (Parent-Ed) Nights

Parent-Ed nights have been sponsored by the Community Center for many years. Past discussion topics include addiction and substance use, navigating financial downturn, internet safety for students, bullying and homework skills. Current questions revolve around student use of cell phones, media, and internet access. How should parents and educators organize around students’ screen time and use of social media, etc.?

LOFT & Gym at the Community Center

The Community Center’s LOFT Teen Center and Gymnasium are home to a multitude of community events, including sports games, physical education classes, afterschool childcare, summer camps, and more! Our facilities can also be rented for private parties and events. Click here for more information.

To learn more about our School-Linked services please contact the School-Linked Coordinator, Will Hubert, at (415) 488-4118 x219 or email him at