School Linked Programs

The San Geronimo Valley Community Center has partnered with the Lagunitas School’s middle school program to provide or support the Lagunitas Middle School Student Meeting (aka Student Government), parent ed nights, Emotional Literacy classes and certain electives within the middle school elective program.

Emotional Literacy
sgvcc spout festThe Center’s involvement with Emotional Literacy classes bates back to a Healthy Start grant received in the mid 1990s. Students in grades 6-8 meet weekly for an extended period with trained facilitators and explore the useful and necessary toolbox of social and emotional health and balance. Games, song, dance, drama, art and positive imagery are only some of the fun, deep and varied methods used in the groups.

It is being discovered that EQ, emotional quotient, is as important or more so than a person’s IQ. These programs, that are run in conjunction with The Lagunitas School District and Coastal Community Health Alliance, focus on students emotional lives. They are aimed at giving students important skills to navigate their emotional worlds.

Much evidence testifies that people who are emotionally adept ­who know and manage their own feelings well, and who read and deal effectively with other people’s feelings are at an advantage in any domain in life, whether social, academic or professional. This can be hard work for the students, as well as adults, and by giving them these skills at an early age they will be better prepared to navigate some of the most complicated situations in life. Emotional life is a domain that, as surely as math or reading, can be handled with greater or lesser skill and requires its own unique set of competencies.

Classes are experiential, utilizing individual reflection and interactions as well as both small and large group exercises and discussions. Themes covered include:

  • Identification, Expression, and Management of Emotions,
  • Self Awareness and Self Esteem,
  • Communication and Listening Skills,
  • Social Interactions and healthy emotional and physical relationships,
  • Embracing Diversity,
  • The Nature of Friendship, and
  • Helping, Cooperation, and Social Contribution.

Because these classes encourage self-disclosure and trust building, the facilitators honor confidentiality and request that all students do the same. Kids are encouraging to share their personal discoveries and learnings from these themes without breaching any other individual’s confidentiality.

Student Meeting
The Student Meeting promotes student leadership and youth empowerment.  By teaching how to be active in the school community as well as the greater community, students learn that their voices, if raised with respect and the intent to benefit, will be heard and recognized by the larger community. Student Meeting members are also responsible for coordinating middle school social events including talent showcases, dances and sporting events.

Parent Ed Nightsgvcc student meeting
Parent-Ed nights have been sponsored by the Community Center for many years. The topics range from community issues such as addiction or navigating a financial downturn, to specific middle school issues such as internet safety, bullying and homework skills. The staff of the Center’s youth programs are all ears. If you have a topic you would like to learn from, let one of us know and we will find the perfect speaker for it.

The Student Meeting, Parent Ed nights, some after-school and in-school classes and all kinds of other fun events take place in the Loft at the Community Center gym.

For further info about the School-Linked programs at the SGVCC please call Will Hubert at (415) 488-4118 x219 or email him at