To empower the next generation of West Marin residents to engage in their communities as leaders by providing opportunities for connection, education, and support.


We imagine a community whereby young adults are heard, valued, and invited to sit at the table where decisions are made. A community where young adults have access to fair and affordable housing, mental health services, healthy and affordable foods, and a land that has not been marred by environmental destruction. We imagine a community where diversity is valued and young adults from different walks of life are leaders. We imagine a community where young adults feel safe and connected to each other and their larger communities.


Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI): The NextGen are leaders and champions for organizational and community equity.

Connection & Intimacy: Surface level connections are not enough. Every facet of NextGen programs and services aim to build a community of loving and supportive individuals who together can make incredible change in our communities.

Growth & Leadership: Young adults are the next generation of leaders and we aim to bring young adult voices to the table where important decisions are made.

Collaboration: The NextGen is stronger with the support and involvement of older generation allies. By coming together as allies and supporters, the NextGen can establish their own community while integrating into the existing community.

Trust & Respect: Everyone’s experiences are different and our programs invite and cultivate this. We build safe spaces of trust and respect where young adults can be themselves.

Honoring the elders: We have a rich history in the San Geronimo Valley. From native peoples, land activists, to rock and roll musicians, we have a lot to learn. We aim to honor the past and embrace the future.

Co-working/Wellness Hours

Need a place to work, study, or collaborate on a project? Would a counselor/life coaching session support your personal/professional development? Drop-in NextGen support and space are available every week. Come use our computers, connect with Cory Van Gelder for coaching/counseling, and make the Community Center an extension of your home!

Mondays from 4pm-6pm

Wednesdays from 1pm-3pm


West Marin Housing Action

The NextGen have assembled a Housing Action group to address the affordable housing crisis in West Marin.  The group is working on immediate housing solutions and long term policy change to make living in the valley a more accessible reality. Led by NextGen activists and organizers, Mari Nakagawa and Kat Wethington, you too can make an impact in the West Marin affordable housing crisis.

Meetings are held monthly and advertised on the homepage and instagram.

Outdoor Adventures

We are surrounded by extraordinary nature, trails, and open space and the NextGen wants to use it! We will be hiking, biking, and adventuring through this beautiful place we call home! If you have an outdoor adventure you would like lead, please contact our NextGen Coordinator at

See homepage for upcoming events or follow the instagram @westmarin_nextgen.

Art and Activism Collective

Bring your creative mind to the table and join a group of passionate NextGen in generating social progress through creative means! Artistic Activism has long been a dynamic practice combining the creative power of art to move us emotionally, with the strategic planning of activism! When put together, incredible change can be achieved! Meetings are typically held Friday mornings from 9:30am-11am (follow the instagram or email for exact times and dates).

NextGen Artist Series

The Community Center Living Room space is transforming into a NextGen Art Gallery. With a line-up of incredible young artists, the NextGen art series showcases the incredible young talent in our Valley! Watch the events page for upcoming openings and receptions and feel free to stop by and see what’s hanging!

Hollow in the Land – NextGen KWMR Radio Show

Hollow in the Land is a KWMR radio program hosted by NextGen, Mari Nakagawa and Katherine “Kat” Wethington. Hollow in the Land explores land, access, wealth, and inequality from the perspective of two San Geronimo Valley folk n’ friends who are, generally, More Stoked Than Angry. With regular NextGen guests and exploration of questions affecting so many young people in our community, Mari and Kat have a funny and frank way of talking about all the uncomfy topics.

Hollow in the Land airs every other Monday at 8:30 AM on KWMR Pt. Reyes Station. Turn your dial to 90.5 in Pt. Reyes, 89.9 in Bolinas, 92.3 in the Valley, or stream online at Content is also posted on Soundcloud:

Do you have ideas, feedback, requests, or something else you want to say to Hollow in the Land? Email us here:

Our Team:

Alexa Davidson – NextGen Coordinator

Cory Vangelder – NextGen Counselor/Life-Coach and Program Support

For more info, email NextGen Coordinator Alexa Davidson at