Youth Job Training Program

Youth Job Training

Can we ensure that our kids remain engaged and invested in our community?  Is it possible to provide middle schoolers with opportunities that give them a sense of purpose and are also fun?  Can we offer our San Geronimo Valley and Nicasio youth hands-on learning experiences locally?  Yes to all of the above – through our Youth Job Training Program!

Our Youth Job Training Program provides middle schoolers an opportunity to work at local businesses or nonprofits.  These internships give our Valley and Nicasio youth practical skills, workplace experience and greater knowledge and comfortability within a work environment.

Our past student interns learned how to make the perfect latte at The Pump Espresso Bar in Forest Knolls, how a retail shop is run at Revolution 9 in Fairfax, or how to care for animals at For Paws For Pets and Cat Angels.

This program not only gives our middle schooler’s great firsttime work experiences, but engages them in meaningful and purposeful activities that offer both continuity and variety to their everyday life. Our internships are a great way for kids to see their impact on the community. The  benefits experienced by our students, community, and partner organizations are enormous. Working and volunteering within our community teaches compassion, empathy, tolerance, gratitude, and community responsibility.

Big thanks to all of the businesses and nonprofits working with our youth:  The Pump Espresso Bar, Good Fun Stuff, Bananas at Large, Grace’s Thrift Shop, Zoila’s after school child care, Parkside Preschool San Anselmo, VAST Tutoring Program, Woodacre Country Market and Deli, Red Twig Farm, For Paws For Pets, Cat Angel Network, In Spirit, Revolution 9, San Geronimo Valley Community Center Arts & Events, NextGen Climate Change, San Geronimo Valley Historical Society, and Live Water Surf Shop.  If you are a local business or nonprofit and would like to participate in this program, please reach out and let us know!

Youth Job Packet Spring 2022

Youth Job Training Program Timesheet

Community Partner agreement for Internship Hosts

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