Valley After School Tutoring Program (VAST)

Valley After School Tutoring (VAST): The Community Center’s award-winning Valley After School Tutoring (VAST) program offers reasonably priced, one-on-one tutoring and group homework clubs to local students. We have skilled tutors across all subjects and grade levels (K-8th). Whether your student needs specific support or just a quiet and encouraging environment to complete their homework, VAST has what they need! Many students attend Zoila’s or the LOFT and include a VAST tutoring session as part of their day. Staff will remind students of their session and will walk younger students to the VAST Room, located in Montessori Room 6. *If you would like to request virtual tutoring contact Lori Ramirez at


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VAST is continuously seeking tutors for both in-person instruction and virtual, especially in Middle School Math or other subjects please call ASAP if interested.

Congratulations! The VAST Program is the winner of the California School Board Association’s Golden Bell Award. This award is given in recognition of excellence in education. For more information CLICK HERE.