Summer Bridge

Kindergarten Summer Bridge

2024 Program Dates TBA

Ages: Incoming Kindergarteners

Cost: Free! Summer Bridge participants are welcome to then attend a half day of our Summer Day camp for half price –  $75 per three-day week.

Staff: Nicole Ramirez and Julie Young

Summer Bridge is a school readiness program intended to support your child’s transition and promote a successful start in kindergarten.  Pre-registration is required and full participation in the 5 week program is highly encouraged as each week builds upon itself and creates a sense of continuity for the children.

During this program we will support your child in developing the following key kindergarten readiness skills:

Concept Development

  •  Recognize and/or name colors
  •  Match or sort items by color and shape
  •  Understand concepts such as: in, out, under, on, off, front and back
  •  Know her/his body parts (head, shoulders, knees, etc.)

Physical Development

  • Cut with scissors
  • Try to tie her/his shoes
  • Enjoy outdoor play such as running, jumping and climbing
  • Hold a crayon or marker

Number Concept Development

  •  Arrange items in groups according to size, shape or color
  •  Group items that are the same
  •  Arrange toys or objects in size order, big to small or small to big
  •  Correctly identify four to ten objects


  •  Talk in sentences
  •  Follow through when you give him/her/them one or two directions
  •  Use descriptive language (“That’s a tall building with round windows.”)
  •  Pretend, create and make up songs and stories