Summer Bridge

Kindergarten Summer Bridge is Back!!!

5 Weeks: June 28th – July28th | 9:00am – 12:00pm |  Mondays, Tuesdays & Wednesdays

Ages: Incoming Kindergarteners and new this year, incoming 1st graders

Cost: Free! Summer Bridge participants are welcome to then attend a half day of our Summer Day camp for half price –  $75 per three day week.

Staff: Nicole Ramirez and Julie Young

Summer Bridge is a school readiness program intended to support your child’s transition and promote a successful start in kindergarten. This year we are also opening this program up to incoming 1st graders, since we know the 2020-2021 kindergarten experience was not typical. Pre-registration is required and full participation in the 5 week program is highly encouraged as each week builds upon itself and creates a sense of continuity for the children. You can fill out the registration form Summer Bridge Application or Summer Bridge Application Spanish version and return it to or mail it in to PO BOX 194, San Geronimo, CA 94963.

During this program we will support your child in developing the following key kindergarten readiness skills:

Concept Development

  •  Recognize and/or name colors
  •  Match or sort items by color and shape
  •  Understand concepts such as: in, out, under, on, off, front and back
  •  Know her/his body parts (head, shoulders, knees, etc.)

Physical Development

  • Cut with scissors
  • Try to tie her/his shoes
  • Enjoy outdoor play such as running, jumping and climbing
  • Hold a crayon or marker

Number Concept Development

  •  Arrange items in groups according to size, shape or color
  •  Group items that are the same
  •  Arrange toys or objects in size order, big to small or small to big
  •  Correctly identify four to ten objects


  •  Talk in sentences
  •  Follow through when you give him/her/them one or two directions
  •  Use descriptive language (“That’s a tall building with round windows.”)
  •  Pretend, create and make up songs and stories