San Geronimo Valley Organizations

The non-profits of the San Geronimo Valley offer programs, services, and facilities of all sorts. These organizations testify to the creative diversity, mindfulness, concerns and heart of Valley life. On the list below click on the non-profits you would like more information on. You will find web links, brief summaries of their work and contact info. Every effort has been made to include all relevant nonprofit Valley organizations. We apologize for any inadvertent omission.

Education and activity organizations

Lagunitas School District

The Lagunitas School District includes four educational programs covering grades K– 8 on two beautiful campuses. Lagunitas School, sometimes known as the “Lower Campus,” is home to the K– 5 public Montessori program, the Lagunitas Middle School (grades 6–8) and the District offices. Further up School Road is San Geronimo School, the ­“Upper Campus,” longtime site of the Open Classroom Program (K-6). Throughout the District there is a strong emphasis on classroom aides and high parent participation, creating lower student-to-adult ratios. Each campus has its own creative, community-built play area. There is a quarter acre community garden tended by the ­students and the Marietta Larsen Memorial Preserve for environmental studies.

Healthy Community Collaborative

Contact: Dave Cort at (415) 488-8888 x224

Nonprofit organizations and local residents exchange information, identify community needs and work together to address those needs, and support collaborative implementation of programs. All Valley organizations and individuals are invited to join. Regular participants include the Lagunitas School District, West Marin Senior Services, Coastal Health Alliance, SGV Community Presbyterian Church, Gan HaLev -the Jewish Congregation of the San Geronimo Valley, Spirit Rock, St. Cecilia’s Church, SGV Planning Group, In SPIRIT, TAPS, SGV Lions Club, SPAWN, Wilderness Way and others. Monthly meetings are held September through June at the Community Center.

L.E.A.P., The Lagunitas Schools Foundation

Box 268, San Geronimo 94963
Contact: Alison Double at (415) 456-8938

LEAP (Lead Enrich Achieve Progress) is the nonprofit foundation of volunteers that develops, cultivates, and sustains resources to benefit all children in the Lagunitas School District. LEAP accomplishes this mission by fundraising throughout the school year through community and school outreach, including the annual Valley Visions Dinner & Dance, Book Fair, Read-a-Thon, and community pledge program. Through its fundraising efforts, LEAP seeks to build a broad base of ongoing financial support with annual contributions becoming an established custom among Valley residents. Since 1984, LEAP has raised close to $600,000. These funds have been allocated to District support programs, teacher support and appreciation, music, art, and environmental education, innovative classroom projects, and urgent District needs.
Funding benefits all the schools with in the district: Montessori, Open Classroom and Middle School.

Nicasio 4-H Club

Contact: Dana Russ at (415) 785-8321.

The Nicasio 4-H club is part of the Marin County 4-H Youth Development Program. This club meets on the second Monday each month at 6:30 pm, at the San Geronimo Community Center/Room 10. They offer projects in cooking, sewing, beading, woodworking, and poultry. The program also offers projects that are done on a county-wide basis, such as dairy goats, marine biology, restoration, and community service projects. Projects are led by adult volunteers; some projects are also led by teens. The 4-H program offers a wide variety of leadership, citizenship and hands-on learning opportunities, besides the general club and project meetings.

Rotary Club of West Marin

Contact: Michelle Clein at (415) 686-8544 or (415) 482-3121

Around the world, there are at least 1,200,000 members in 33,000 Rotary clubs located in more than 200 countries. Its members form a global network of business, professional and community leaders who volunteer their time and talents to serve their communities and the world. Rotary’s motto, Service Above Self, exemplifies the humanitarian spirit. Each club is autonomous, non-governmental, non-political and non-religious. Rotarians enjoy fun and fellowship while addressing critical issues locally, nationally and internationally. Rotary is only limited by the imagination of those wishing to make a difference.

Safe Routes to Schools

Contact: Wendi Kallins at (415) 488-4101

Safe Routes to School, a program of the Transportation Authority of Marin, is a safe, fun and educational method of encouraging more children to find green ways to school including walking, biking, carpooling or bus. School volunteers organize regular Walk and Bike to School Days and are provided materials to run challenges within the school and to compete with other schools to increase green trips. The Teens Go Green program empowers middle and high school students to foster change in their community. Trained instructors teach bicycle and pedestrian safety during PE. Safety issues are identified and SR2S makes recommendations to the local jurisdiction to address these issues.

SGV Affordable Housing

P.O. Box 152, Woodacre, CA 94973
Contact: (415) 488-4890

The San Geronimo Valley Affordable Housing Association is a non-profit organization that owns and operates three shared housing units rented to six low-income seniors on Sage Lane, and manages the Forest Knolls Mobile Home Park with 19 spaces on Sir Francis Drake Boulevard in Forest Knolls. It is our intention to create, preserve and manage affordable housing in the San Geronimo Valley. We welcome your financial support via tax-deductible contributions or a property donation.

SGV Disaster Council

Box 802, Forest Knolls 94933
Contact: Basha Quilici at (415) 488-9533

Purpose: Encouraging the community to be prepared for all types of disasters.
Philosophy: The most important key to recovery after a disaster is the planning that happens beforehand. That planning centers around individual households and strong, organized neighborhoods.
History: The San Geronimo Valley has had a formal disaster plan in effect since 1974. The San Geronimo Valley Disaster Council was established to raise awareness, to prepare the community, and to work in coordination with the County of Marin during a disaster.

SGV Food Coop

Box 350, Lagunitas 94938
Contact: Amy Valens at (415) 488-9244

The Food Coop is a group of families who combine efforts in order to purchase natural foods at whole prices. A partial list of foods ordered includes dairy products, grain, breads, chickens and eggs, juices, and healthy snacks.

SGV Horseman’s Association

Contacts: Petra Toriumi at (415) 488-4861, Frank Binney at (415) 488-1200, Cyndi Cady at (415) 488-1490

The San Geronimo Valley Horseman’s Association is a nonprofit organization founded in 1960 to promote interest in horses among Valley adults and children. Today’s members are as likely to be horsewomen as horsemen. We work with the Marin Horse Council, the San Geronimo Planning Group, the Bicycle Trails Council and other advocacy groups to ­actively support and protect trails and open space. We enjoy riding the trails together and participating in community events like the July 4th Woodacre Parade. You do not need to own a horse or even be a rider to join and support us!

SGV Lions Club – Contact: Allison Puglisi at (415) 456-0147

Since 1958, the Lions have helped to make our Valley a better place to live and work by participating in community events and contributing to local organizations such as: SGV Preschool, SGV Emergency Fund, SGV Pioneers, Drake High Scholarships, Lagunitas School citizenship awards, West Marin Senior Services, Valley Toys & Joys, the SGV Community Center and others. Our projects include a blood drive twice a year, Food Bank donations, Valley Cleanup, Christmas in April and Recycle for Sight. We raise money with a crab feed and raffle in February, and host the annual 4th of July Woodacre Parade and Dickson Ranch fun festival. We meet about once a month. If you are interested in helping to keep our Valley community vital and strong, please give us a call!

Woodacre Garden Club

Box 485, Woodacre 94973
Contact: Mary Brenner at (415) 488-9536
Email: or

Visit our Oval Garden on Park Street, demonstrating water wise gardening and plants suitable for Valley habitat. The Garden Club is open to everyone with an interest in gardening. We landscape and maintain the bus shelters and common areas of Woodacre. You are welcome to join in garden tours, seminars, seed and plant exchanges, and social gatherings. Our volunteer activities are supported by neighbor contributions and donated plants and materials.

Woodacre Improvement Club

1 Garden Way, Box 405, Woodacre 94973
Contact: Carol Foti, Manager at (415) 488-0708

The Woodacre Improvement Club, a membership supported nonprofit community center located in the heart of Woodacre. Facilities include a sixty-foot swimming pool, a baby pool, two tennis courts, a ballfield, a gym, yoga room, volleyball sandpit, basketball courts, and a children’s playground. Gym trainers and swim/tennis lessons are available. WIC offers various children’s summer camps. The main hall is a multipurpose space with a stage — excellent for classes, community events, and meetings. WIC houses the West Marin Montessori Preschool, the local Lions Club, our local polling locations, and is designated as the community’s emergency disaster center.

Environmental Organizations

Marin County Open Space District

The Marin County Open Space District (MCOSD) is the local government agency responsible for preserving public open space in Marin County, California. Our mission is to enhance the quality of life in Marin through the acquisition, protection, and responsible stewardship of ridgelands, baylands and environmentally sensitive lands targeted for preservation in the Marin Countywide Plan. MCOSD lands represent outstanding examples of northern California environments including oak-bay woodlands, savanna, grasslands and salt marsh. These habitats are managed to protect and enhance their natural, undeveloped character while accommodating educational activities and trail-oriented uses such as hiking, horseback riding and mountain bicycling. Lands of the Open Space District, together with Marin’s extensive federal and state parklands, contribute to Marin County’s reputation as a highly desirable place to live and work.

Ocean Conservation Research

P.O. Box 559
Lagunitas, CA 94938
Contact: (415) 488-0553

Ocean Conservation Research is focused on understanding the scope of, and exploring solutions to the growing problem of human generated noise pollution and its impact on marine animals.
The majority of ocean research is sponsored by petroleum, minerals mining, industrial fishing and military interests – framed in the context of maximizing the effectiveness and yield of their mission. Given the precarious state of ocean health, we can no longer afford to drive research efforts exclusively under the rubric of “resource extraction,” “maximum sustainable yield” and “recoverable thresholds,” rather we need research focused on conservation priorities and practices which promote the recovery and long term viability of the sea.
Ocean Conservation Research promotes and supports marine biological and technological research based on conservation priorities. We use the products of this research to inform the policies and practice of the public, industry and lawmakers so that we may all become better stewards of the sea.

Sea Turtle Restoration Project

P.O. Box 370
Forest Knolls, CA 94933
9255 Sir Francis Drake Blvd.,
Olema, CA 94950
Contact: (415) 663-8590

The Sea Turtle Restoration Project (STRP) is an international organization working to protect sea turtles and the marine environment worldwide. With headquarters in the SG Valley and offices in Texas and Costa Rica, STRP is working to protect turtle nesting sites, advocating for sustainable fisheries policies that promote healthy ocean ecosystems, establishing Marine Protected Areas, and educating the public through the creation of videos, books, newsletters, and so on. STRP provides the public and students with many ways to get directly involved through volunteer and internship opportunities.

SGV Land Trust

Box 256, Woodacre 94973
Contact: (415) 488-4939

The San Geronimo Valley Land Trust serves the Valley by acquiring parcels of high natural resource or community value to conserve and protect them, in perpetuity. The Land Trust works with Valley property owners who may wish to donate or sell land, or easements over land, and may be able to provide tax benefits to property owners. The Land Trust owns several parcels and is currently focused on preservation of streamside parcels and Blueberry Ridge.


Contact: (415) 663-8590

SPAWN, the Salmon Protection And Watershed Network, works to protect endangered salmon in the Lagunitas Watershed, and the environment on which we all depend. SPAWN uses a multi-faceted approach to accomplish our mission including grassroots action, habitat restoration, policy development, research and monitoring, citizen training, environmental education, strategic litigation, and collaboration with other organizations and agencies. SPAWN offers walks to view spawning salmon, homeowner consultations on creek protections, seminars, trainings, volunteer and internship opportunities. Not a member? Please join us!

Watershed Preservation Network

Box 8, San Geronimo 94963

WPN is a 501c3 educational nonprofit serving Northern California by engaging in and facilitating preservation, conservation, and restoration of natural resources and habitat, with an emphasis on watershed-based perspectives. Educational programs include Earth Harmony, environmental education, integrating natural sciences, cultural studies and the arts grades K-8 summer school program, child and adult workshops; teacher trainings. Facilitation and advocacy activities include environmental training, research and scientific investigation; pro bono advocacy campaign consultation; assistance in watershed evaluations; non-profit networking and resource coordination and other services for fellow nonprofits.

Wilderness Way

Box 286 Lagunitas 94938
Contact: Paul Berensmeier at (415) 488-1964, Jean Berensmeier at (415) 488-9034
Fax: 488-9034

Wilderness Way is an environmental education organization serving the Lagunitas School District, community and other schools. The Valley’s unique watershed provides opportunities for hands on experiences that create a deep understanding and lifetime connection to the Valley environment. Activities revolve around salmon, steelhead trout, native and non-native plants, wildlife, habitat restoration/maintenance. These activities evolve into art, music, poetry, literature, dance, math, science projects and film documentaries. Ongoing programs include the Steelhead-in-the-Classroom and watershed programs, salmon crossing signs, and a Native American studies program that includes stories, games, and overnights, using pump drills and gathering native plants for cordage, boats and flutes.

San Geronimo Valley Stewards


The San Geronimo Valley Stewards work to represent property owners in restoring our creeks through collaborative volunteer efforts. The Stewards are working to: Talk to the entire SGV to develop a clear picture of the residents’ needs, desires, and abilities for creek restoration; build a diverse community coalition as a resource to support valley residents responsible improvement of their properties; rally around individuals so no one feels bullied or that they don’t have a voice in the future of their home; bring information and resources to the Valley because we trust our neighbors to make wise decisions if they have resources and good information.

San Geronimo Valley Planning Group


We are the oldest environmental organization in the Valley serving the community since 1972 and are all-volunteer. We developed the 1977 Community Plan (updated 1997) that guides us in advocating our mission to protect and preserve the Valley’s natural resources and rural character. Meetings include project reviews, presentations by experts, and discussions about Valley projects/programs. We organize educational workshops; work closely with the County and MMWD; seek restoration grants; and promote Valley Clean-Up Day. We meet at the Community Center the second Monday of the month, at 7:30 pm September through June.  Membership is required to vote. Valley residents are welcome.

Faith Based Organizations

Gan Halev, The Jewish Congregation of the San Geronimo Valley

Box 280, Woodacre 94973
Contact: Laurie Chorna at (415) 488-4524

Established in 1992, Gan HaLev (Garden of the Heart) is a “post-denominational” congregation. Our mission: To develop a permanent community which comes together to celebrate Jewish life – to worship, educate, socialize, to share, and explore our religious and cultural heritage. We are a Congregation that is a community with a sense of family that shares loyalty and responsibility to each other regardless of our personal likes and dislikes. We know each other and take care of each other. Membership in Gan HaLev is more than coming to High Holiday services.  It involves a desire to participate in a vital community and a commitment to make this unique community continue to thrive and grow. 

St. Cecilia’s/St. Mary’s Catholic Churches

Contact: Father Cyril O’Sullivan at (415) 488-9799

Our mission: to be Nurtured by Christ’s Word, Supported by a Faith Loving Community, and to Serve the Needs of Others as Called to Minister. Operating as one parish, St. Cecilia’s of Lagunitas and St. Mary’s of Nicasio each serve their own community in many ways. Both have Sunday, holy day, and weekday Masses, religious education classes, and participate in local food and Christmas toy drives. There are also many special events throughout the year that provide opportunities for fellowship. Sunday Mass at St. Cecilia is 9:30 am and at St. Mary’s at 11:15 am.

SGV Community Presbyterian Church

Box 98 San Geronimo 94963
Contact: Pastor at (415) 488-9318, Office at (415) 488-1757

We offer peace, joy and fellowship for you to explore your faith, support your family, share love and forgiveness, and put your values into action. We meet every Sunday at 11 am for worship and Christian education. We host special services for the entire Valley at Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter. We welcome everyone into our church family and have a special love of children. We support local food drives, a community benevolence fund, preschool scholarships, and other Valley activities. Our choir invites everyone who loves to sing.

Seven Circles Foundation

P.O. Box 559
Lagunitas, CA 94938

The Seven Circles Foundation is an educational organization established to promote and support spiritual practices based on the ancient ways of Native American Indigenous People. The Foundation brings these practices to the community at large to improve the quality of life for all. We operate under the guidance of founding Kickapoo/Sac-and-Fox elder Fred Wahpepah, sponsoring sweat lodges, Hambleche Vision Quest, and other indigenous ceremonies in the Bay Area and throughout Northern California and Oregon. Three of our lodges are located in West Marin: Forest Knolls, Nicasio, and at Spirit Rock. All are welcome to attend.

Spirit Rock Meditation Center

5000 Sir Francis Drake Blvd.
Box 169, Woodacre 94973
Contact: (415) 488-0164 x234

Spirit Rock Meditation Center is dedicated to the teachings of the Buddha as presented in the Vipassana tradition. The practice of mindful awareness, called Insight of Vipassana meditation, is at the heart of all activities at Spirit Rock. One does not have to be a Buddhist to practice mindfulness meditation. We offer a range of ongoing classes, daylong and residential retreats.

Health and Social Service Organizations

Coastal Health Alliance

Box 910, Pt. Reyes St. 94956
Pt. Reyes Medical Clinic: (415) 663-8666
Bolinas Family Practice: (415) 868-0124
Stinson Beach Medical Center: (415) 868-9656

Rooted in West Marin, the Coastal Health Alliance (CHA) is committed to providing quality, comprehensive primary health care services to all. CHA operates Community Health Centers in Point Reyes Station, Stinson Beach, and Bolinas. CHA provides primary care, including bi-lingual services; accepts most major forms of insurance, including Kaiser Permanente; and offers a sliding fee scale for those of limited income.


2 Grant Avenue, Woodacre
Box 383, Woodacre 94973
Contact: Aneice Taylor at (415) 488-0477
Hours Open: 1:00-5:00 pm, Monday through Friday

IN SPIRIT (an acronym for In Support of Paralytics in Real Intense Times) is a nonprofit ­organization formed in 1987 by Valley resident Aneice Taylor to address the inadequacy of attendant care services available to quadraplegics. IN SPIRIT provides the following services for quadraplegics throughout Marin County: grants for attendant care, information and referrals, volunteers, peer support, circulated equipment, support in convalescent homes, and legislative information and advocacy.

National Organization of Circumcision Information Resource Centers (NOCIRC)

Box 2512, San Anselmo 94979-2512
Contact: Marilyn Fayre Milos, RN at (415)488-9883

A nonprofit organization providing information to healthcare professionals, parents, lawyers, ethicists, and concerned individuals since 1985. Although we have a San Anselmo Box, our national headquarters are in ­Forest Knolls.

SGV Emergency Fund

Box 242 San Geronimo 94963
Contact: Zoila Berardi at (415) 488-1906

The SGV Emergency Fund is dedicated to providing financial respite to qualifying individuals with hardship due to unforeseen circumstances. Our intention is to assist Valley residents with needs that aren’t covered by other county agencies. This fund can cover car repair, pay for a winter tank of propane, or help to subsidize the costs of an illness by paying for adaptive equipment or a medical bill. Our disbursement committee decides awards on a case-by-case basis. This is a grassroots effort to formalize what our community has been doing for so many years.

TAPS (Tina Action Programs)

Contact: Gay Cain at (415) 488-9204

TAPS (Tina Action Programs) is a local nonprofit group of women that formed in 2000 in response to high breast cancer rates in our West Marin communities. TAPS has donated an excellent collection of new books and videos on all aspects of breast cancer to the Marin County Library system. TAPS has also developed the “Tina Caring Program” at the Pt. Reyes Medical Clinic, which provides free clinical breast exams with a nurse practitioner on an on-going basis. A “Tina Caring Exam” allows enough time for a thorough manual screening and self-exam instruction.

Valley Toys and Joys

PO Box 496, Woodacre, CA 94973
Contact: (415) 488-0454

Valley Toys and Joys is a nonprofit trust created to bring the magic of the holidays to local children. It serves the childern from the San Geronimo Vallay and Nicasio. We assist low-income families and those who are in temporary crisis. We are funded by wonderful individuals who are suddenly transformed into holiday elves capable of making all kinds of dreams come true. This is a very personal program. We attempt to fulfill the wishes of the children, whether it be a bike, jacket, book, or Barbie doll. Santa Claus is alive and well in the San Geronimo Valley.

West Marin Senior Services

11435 State Route One
Box 791, Point Reyes Station 94956
Contact: Laura Sherman, Care Manager at (415) 663-8650 or (415) 663-8148
Fax: (415) 663-1268

For over 35 years WMSS has helped older adults remain safe with dignity in West Marin by providing a range of in-home, assisted living, and community services that foster independence and participation in our community. Services include comprehensive, confidential care management, individualized plans of care, adult social services coordination for persons 60+ years, caregiver referrals, family member respite, transportation assistance, meals, homecare equipment, home safety repairs, community education and wellness program.

Youth Sports Organizations

CYO Basketball

Contact: John Beckerley at (415) 488-0558, Mike Davidson at (415) 488-9535

St. Cecilia’s Catholic Church in Lagunitas sponsors the CYO basketball program for the San Geronimo and Nicasio valleys. The program is open to boys and girls in the 4th through 8th grades. Practices start the first week of November. Games begin the first weekend of January and end the second week of March. St. Cecilia’s also offers an Instructional League for 3rd grade boys and girls. St. Cecilia’s CYO Basketball has been entering teams from the valleys for the past 28 years.

West Marin Little League

Box 1168, Fairfax 94978
Contact: (415) 721-1910

West Marin Little League offers an exciting and fun co-ed instructional league for kids ages 5 to 14 with both a Spring Season (March-June) and a Fall Ball Season (July-August). The goal of the program is for kids to develop a love of the game, make new friends, learn new baseball skills, and experience the rewards of being on a team. The League welcomes players throughout West Marin from San Anselmo to Pt. Reyes. Board members and committee leaders organize all families in the league to help maintain and improve the fields, operate the snack shacks, manage the registration process, coach, cheer on the teams, and have fun.

West Marin Youth Soccer League

Box 84, Fairfax 94930
Contact: Terry Carlson at (415) 459-1850 or Dylan Arroyo at

WMYSL is the designated California Youth Soccer Association affiliated League for the San Anselmo/Fairfax, San Geronimo Valley/Nicasio, Point Reyes/Inverness, and Bolinas/Stinson Beach areas. Teams in our League come from West Marin communities that have wonderful soccer fields and great local support. Our teams are divided by age and skill levels, and coaches evaluate players in each age group and seek to achieve team balance by selecting players from all skill levels. Regardless of skill or past playing experience, all players receive significant playing time, and sportsmanship is emphasized throughout our program.