I was born at the Presidio in San Francisco and raised in the San Joaquin Valley and East Bay.

In my youth, I lived for a number of years in San Francisco working for a publishing outfit, Rip Off Press, and as a cartoonist illustrator drawing for comic books and magazines (and pretty much for anyone who would have me).

I later wound up in the arid lands of southern California where I studied anthropology. I received a B.A. from Cal State and later a teaching credential from Dominican College.

Over the years, I’ve done a diverse number of things to make a living: Cultural Resource Management for the Forest Service, prune drying in northern California, restaurant work, teaching elementary school and at one desperate point in my life I did ‘promotion’ for an art gallery (meaning I wore a frog costume and a sandwich board and walked around Fisherman’s Wharf).

During a period of lateral drift, I landed in Marin in 1993 for a ‘brief stay’ (as of 2017 the brief stay continues…).

Since 2001 I’ve worked with the Center in many capacities but primarily as Visual Arts Coordinator and now as Arts and Events Coordinator.

I’m occasionally baffled and surprised to note that I live in beautiful Marin and somehow am blessed with a perfect mate, a great family and job. I’m not quite sure how I pulled that off.