Peace Day Festival

Saturday, September 22, Noon to 6 pm

On Saturday, September 22nd, the San Geronimo Valley Community Center will be holding their 4th Annual Peace Festival, in celebration of the 37th International Day of Peace.

Four years ago, Ted Wright (musician, activist and all-round swell guy) came to the Community Center with the inspiration to hold a festival focusing on world peace to run in tandem with the International Day of Peace—a good idea that has blossomed into an annual event. This September the Center happily presents the 4th annual International Day of Peace Festival with live music, guest speakers, films, food and a wide variety of activities focused on the subject of global peace.

The United Nations’ International Day of Peace is a truly global event observed by quite literally millions of people, through villages and cities, local communities, cultural, education, environmental and arts associations. The UN has declared this as a day devoted to strengthening the ideals of peace, both within and among all nations and peoples. The theme for the International Day of Peace in 2018 is “The Right to Peace – The Universal Declaration of Human Rights at 70”. The theme celebrates the 70th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

The festival will present the music of Los Cenzontles. Los Cenzontles music is an amalgam of various regional folk music traditions of Mexico including banda, mariachi, rancheras, norteno, corridos, cumbia, and bloeros (along with some rock and roll). The band has performed with David Hidalgo of Los Lobos, Ry Cooder, Taj Mahal and numerous others. A documentary film about Los Cenzontles, Conexiones: Los Cenzontles In Cuba, was released last year and has been screened at the Philadelphia Latino Film Festival, San Diego Latino Film Festival and other venues.

In addition, we offer the music of renowned jazz vocalist Deborah Winters. Deborah performs straight-ahead jazz mixed with a blend of inspirational, folk and rock. She’s worked with Bobby McFerrin and his Voicestra group, legendary drummer Tony Williams and stellar Brazilian guitarist Jose Neto. Deborah was recently featured as part of the Marin Women in Jazz concert at the Showcase Theatre at Marin County Civic Center.

Also on the bill is The Quarks, an innovative local band performing original funk folk rock that celebrates humanity and the quest for peace.

Speakers include Kevin Danaher of Global Exchange, Bill McCarthy of Unity Foundation Susan Santiago of KWMR (pieces of peace), Felicia Chavez, president of the Marin chapter of United Nations Association, Chaplain Susan Shannon and the legendary “flower geezer” Wavy Gravy.

Will Hubert will offer a Hike for Peace to Roys Redwoods starting at 9:30am. Other events and activities are planned including guests speakers and films. There will be a Kidszone, bouncy house, booths plus food supplied by Revivir la Cultura and much more.

Commenting on his reason for creating this festival Ted said: “Our lives and sense of wellbeing are currently impacted by so much divisiveness, and unprecedented polarization of our country. The daily drum beat of wars, trade wars and impending climate change crisis does not do much to foster a climate of basic hope, something we all very much need in our lives. Coming together to celebrate Peace is akin to watering those very thirsty weed choked plants of peace in the garden of our lives, and seeing and feeling them respond with green and flowers. Let us always be students of peace and revel in its magnificence, it’s power to awaken, to inspire, to unify and beautifully transform.”

Peace Day Schedule

Valley Room

12:15 pm Welcome, Opening Ceremony
12:15-1:00 pm
– 12:15 West Marin Rotary Club & Peace Project
– 12:25 Hannah Doress
– 12:35 Susan Shannon
– 12:45 Laurie Marshall
1:00-1:40 pm Deborah Winters performance
1:40-2:00 pm Wavy Gravy leads a discussion about peace
2:00-3:00 pm Los Cenzontles performance
3:00-4:00 pm
– 3:00 Kevin Danaher
– 3:30 Bill McCarthy
– 3:45 Felicia Chavez
– 4:00 Susan Santiago
4:15-5:00 pm The Quarks performance

East Room – Film Center

12:00-1:00pm April Wolcott’s films and live feed from International Peace Day
1:00-2:00 pm Los Cenzontles Film
2:00-6:00 pm April Wolcott’s films and live feed from International Peace Day

All day in the West Room and the outdoor courtyard we will have a fun Kid Zone, great vendors selling their wares, local non-profit booths, Lagunitas School Band and dance performances, art making, conflict resolution and peace workshops.


4th Annual Peace Festival

Saturday, September 22, 2018, Noon–6 pm
Free admission

San Geronimo Valley Community Center
6350 Sir Francis Drake Blvd
San Geronimo, CA 94963