Movie Night

Monday, October 28, 2019
6 pm

Beyond the Fear of Singing

A penetrating and healing journey into the part of all of us that wants to sing—Alan Cohen

A film by Michael Stillwater

After a lifetime of hiding one’s singing voice, the passage of ‘coming out of the cave’ is a personal journey often requiring profound courage and self-acceptance. Filmed in North America, Europe, Australia and India, this is the third feature from ‘In Search of the Great Song’, the award-winning documentary series exploring and celebrating the music that lives in all of us. As told through spoken insights and original music of voice educators, artists and people on the ‘road of vocal recovery’, a global epidemic of silenced song is being met by an irrepressible uprising of the primal urge to sing.

Whether you adamantly believe you can’t sing or absolutely love the sound of your own voice, a diversity of perspectives brings hope, humor and possibility to this intimate yet universal phenomenon, with imagery of flowing water and birdsong woven throughout, echoing the endless flow of natural creativity.
—Michael Stillwater


6350 Sir Francis Drake Blvd., San Geronimo

Film followed by a group discussion.

Host: Debra Amerson & Larry Rippee