Community Cafe #4

Monday, April 2, 2018
5–7:30 pm (Free)
Dogtown, Bolinas, Stinson & Muir Beaches
Stinson Beach Community Center, 32 Belvedere Ave, Stinson Beach, CA 94970

Are the Kids Alright?

What are your best ideas for supporting youth and young adults living in West Marin?

Talking Points:

• Bullying
• Substance Use Prevention
• Diversity
• Mental Health Services
• Media Literacy Screen TechnologyRecreation Opportunities
• Transportation
• Academic Achievement
• College Success
• Healthy Relationships

Dinner for all participants. Childcare is provided for children up to 5th grade.
All 6-12th grade residents invited to participate. All TAY participants will be given a $30 stipend.

Please join us!

Please RSVP for dinner and childcare – call 415-488-8888 x250 or Email:

Click here for flyer in Café #4 and Cafe #4 SPANISH

Sponsored by: West Marin Coalition for Healthy Youth

Contact: &

Our mission is to reduce the underage use of alcohol, tobacco and other drugs


The four West Marin Coalition Cafe events will function as a needs assessment for youth and young adult services in West Marin. There are four community forums: One in Tomales, Point Reyes Station, Bolinas Stinson Beach and San Geronimo Valley. We will bring together school district leaders, youth and young adults, parents, community organizations, and government representatives. West Marin Coalition for Healthy Youths mission is to work together to reduce underage drinking and drug use; The community Cafe process will help the WMCHY and our Sector Partners coordinate existing services and identify gaps in services to address in our next fiscal year.

Guiding questions for our evening will be:

Are the kids alright?
What do youth in our community need to be healthy and resilient?
What are your best ideas for supporting youth and young adults in West Marin?
How can we reduce and prevent underage use of alcohol and other drugs?

Coalition Café events will follow a World Café model. The event involves multiple tables; each table has a host. Hosts will be sector partners who support youth services. Participants will engage in 3 rounds to discuss guiding questions. Your voice in the conversation matters. Please join us.

Event Outline:

1. Introduce the goals of Marin Prevention Network (MPN) in West Marin:

a. To create healthy communities for youth by reducing the risk of drug and alcohol abuse and misuse and increasing prevention efforts.
b. Key factors in accomplishing this goal:
c. Shared vision and common understanding of problem
d. Community partners and leaders working together in prevention efforts
e. Healthy alternatives and services for youth

2. Identify Gaps in Services and Coordinate Existing Services

a. Stakeholders and sector partners must be present:
b. School district leaders
c. Parents, youth, teachers
d. Community organizations (nonprofits, etc.)
e. Government agencies (parks, libraries, etc.)

3. Witness and contribute Community Voices, Stories, Insights, Opinions, Wisdom:

a. Opening-Youth and young adult panels and stories
b. Coalition Café will follow World Café Model
c. 3 rounds of Cafe table discussions.
d. 2 rounds to share: What Ifs: and Next Steps
e. Each Cafes will have graphic recording.

4. Share findings with community via WMCHY website, newsletter, follow-up meetings.

5. End Goal: Deliver prevention services equitably across West Marin:

a. Existing services are well known by community members and better coordinated
b. Gaps in services are identified and plans are made to bridge these gaps in services
For more information, contact: Will Hubert or Madeline Hope
Click here to download flyers: English version or Spanish version.