In the Maurice del Mue Gallerie

January 9-31, 2019

The 9th Annual Senior Lunch Group Show.

Since 2009 the Center has hosted a weekly Senior Lunch program. Counted among the usual participants at the weekly get-togethers are a number of remarkable, vital artists.

In January the San Geronimo Valley Community Center is presenting a group exhibit showcasing the watercolors, pastels, drawings, paintings, ceramics, photographs and more.

Participating artists include Al Ardelle, Fred L. Berensmeier, Jean Berensmeier, Geoff Bernstein, Diane Cokely, Gaetano De Felice, Marie Eisen, Kevin Gladstone, Maureen Hurley, Richard D. James, Laura Kradjan-Cronin, Elaine Nehm, Larry Rippee, Hilary M. Stock, Tom Tabakin, Paul Valente and JeanA Warner.

Reception Sunday, January 13, 4-7 pm