NextGen Support Group

Virtual for Now!

Wednesdays, 4 pm-5:30 pm

In these unprecedented times, the NextGen support group offers young adults in the community a way to connect with their peers. This group supports NextGen as they navigate the various challenges of living back at home, adjusting to education online, making decisions about the future, and finding ways to stay engaged during a pandemic. This group also supports NextGen in their activism and creative pursuits, building in ways to avoid burnout, stay motivated, and remain healthy even in the midst of significant adversity.

In this group, you will learn the fundamentals of peer counseling and receive support through building closeness in a peer counseling group. This Peer Counseling group is part of our Wellness Center Programs and is facilitated by Cory vanGelder

For more details or ZOOM invite:

Opportunities for one on one support sessions also available – email Cory vanGelder.