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Our Next Event

On December 4th from 11 am-6 pm Greenstitch will have a booth at the San Geronimo Valley Community Center’s Holiday Art Fair. The focus of our booth will be on climate and the clothing industry, which Greenstitch has had the opportunity to learn about from the organization Fibershed over the past couple months. We’ll be talking about natural vs. synthetic dyes and fibers, carbon sequestration, and the overconsumption and consumerism that is a part of fast fashion. We have a couple of hands-on activities prepared for people to participate in, including a natural dyeing project.  Please bring any clothes that you’ve been meaning to repair or reinvent as there will be a comfortable space and mending supplies for people to hang out and mend together.  Hope to see you there!

Mission Statement

At Greenstitch, we believe in educating and empowering ourselves and others in addressing the climate crisis.  In coming together and expanding our awareness of what is happening, we are able to engage in caring for our collective future. We believe that change happens when people take action together about what they care about.

We recognize that the destabilisation of the climate has a huge impact on social justice and global inequality.  The damage to the earth’s atmosphere has so far been done mainly by rich nations and corporate interests but it is those nations and people without the resources to recover or protect themselves from climate chaos who suffer the greatest.

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