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April 1-30 is the Open Classroom Alumni Art Show, celebrating 50 years of creativity! Artists from all the decades of Open responded to the call for submissions, and will be showing their work at the Community Center:

From the 70’s: Kristy Muhic Arroyo, Kevin Meade, Noah Lang, Shandor Hassan, Ellen Morrison, Tobias Berardi, Reuben Raffael, Marlowe Riley, Diana Kane English, and Will Wright.
From the 80’s  Max Friedrich, Jesse Valens.
From the 90’s Zoe Mendez, Jamai Lowell, Shannon O’Neil  Creighton, Tony Owen, Miles Zaccaglini, Noah Zaccaglini,  Tashi Cowan, Molly (Rebscher) Stevens and Hannah Egger-Weiler.
From the 2000’s Sadie Cort, Maya Normandi, Emily Wearing, Taylor Millar, Amber Rose Bauer, Amin Al-Jamal, Katy Wearing, Emilia Hernandez, Mary Marriott, Nikko Raffael, Karim Al-Jamal, Wiley Raffael, and Amber Simon.
From the 2010’s Kalea Rasmussen, Taylor Slaughter, Ellejae Sanders, as well as former art teachers Molly Edwards, Lanee Lowell, and Amy Valens.
There will be a potluck reception on April 22 from 6-8:30. Besides a chance to meet the artists, at 6:30-7 there will be entertainment from John Pedersen, his wonderful bluegrass musicians and Anny Owen leading a few country dances for old times’ sake!  Around 7 Jasper Thelin will bring us The Mario Lamorte Memorial Improv Troupe for participation antics and more. 

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