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Kate’s Café

On Friday, September 22nd, our favorite Kate’s Cafe will happen again from 7 – 9:30 pm. Hosted by Juliette Valente, Kate’s Cafe Open Mic has been the place for incredible music and connection at the Community Center for more than 25 years. Kate’s Café was named in honor of renowned American folk singer and songwriter, Kate Wolf.  Both aspiring and renowned musicians, poets and actors come to share their new works and talents. Come to share, come to listen! 

This month’s line up includes the talents of:

  1. Lindsay Browne
  2. John and Camilla Ford
  3. Larry Levine
  4. Roberta Floden
  5. Adreenne Auer
  6. Beth and Rose Wolf
  7. Shakti Padmini
  8. Dorothy Cox and Lee Rockwell

If you would like to be in the line up for a future Kate’s Café Open Mic, please email or call MC Juliette Valente at:, or call: (415) 488-9074.



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