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Learn about Junior Dwelling Units (JDUs) for the San Geronimo Valley at an online workshop happening on Thursday, August 26th at 7:00 pm. Attend this workshop through the San Geronimo Valley Affordable Housing Association and learn how to convert an existing bedroom to earn added income, all while creating affordable housing in your community!  Register for this free event here.

The San Geronimo Valley Affordable Housing Association is excited to present this event featuring Marin County’s experts in JADU (Junior Dwelling Unit) creation – in a special JADU-specific Zoom workshop for homeowners.

JADUs are created by repurposing an existing bedroom in a home. A separate entrance and kitchenette are added to make it a studio apartment. A JADU can have its own bathroom or share a bathroom with the main house. JADUs do not redefine single-family homes, as the door adjoining the JADU to the rest of the home remains. They do not increase density as the living and sleeping capacity of a home does not change. They do not require any changes to your septic system.

Learn why repurposing an existing bedroom into a JADU may be right for you!

Special Guest Panelists will include:

– Jillian Zeiger // Planner with Marin County’s Community Development Agency

– Ruth Lopez // Program Manager with Community Land Trust of West Marin (CLAM)

– Sarah Cane // Homeowner in West Marin who completed a permitted JADU

– Bill Kelley // Deputy Director with Marin County Building Department

– Carmen Soruco // Marin Housing Authority program manager

– SGVAHA board members

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