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Dear San Geronimo Valley Community,

This Spring, after a three year hiatus, it is time to nominate three new recipients of the Edie Robinson Community Service Award (ERCSA).

ERCSA was created in 1999 as a way of permanently honoring Edie Robinson’s many years of community service, and honors community volunteers who make outstanding, long-term contributions to life in the San Geronimo Valley. The award recognizes positive achievement, devotion, and community building. The ERCSA committee initiates a broad community nomination and decision process, to choose recipients. The recipient’s portraits will be rendered by Anne McClain and added to the beautiful ERCSA Award Triptych that hangs in the San Geronimo Valley Community Center. The new recipients will be honored at the Healthy Community Collaborative annual barbeque on Wednesday, June 1, 2022 at the Community Center.

The following is a list of all recipients to date:

1999- Edie Robinson; 2000- Jean Berensmeier; 2001- Grace Tolson; 2002- Suzanne Sadowsky; 2003- John Beckerley; 2004- Zoila Berardi; 2005- Steve Pinkney; 2006- Ken Naffziger; 2007- Margaret and Kit Krauss; 2008- Diana Debardeleben; 2009- David O’Connor; 2010- Marty Meade; 2011- Cia Donahue; 2012- Amy Valens; 2013- Phil Sotter; 2014-Richard Sloan; 2015- Aneice Taylor; 2016- Melvyn Wright; 2017-Joseph Walsh; 2018- Al and Lisa Baylacq; 2019- Andrew and Susi Giacomini

Nominations can come from Valley organizations or individuals and must address the following:

  1. How has this person demonstrated their long-term commitment to volunteerism and betterment of our community?
  2. Describe their broad reach, impacting more than one organization or area of the community.
  3. Tell us about this person’s character and why they deserve to be recognized for their service.
  4. Anything else that is important for the committee to know about your nominee. 


  • This award is for volunteer service, not for contributions through a paid position. 
  • Volunteer service must be long-term and over a life-time, beyond a single contribution to the community. 
  • Nominees must live in the San Geronimo Valley. 
  • Volunteer service should have a broad impact, rather than be specific to a single organization. 


How to Nominate:

Deadline for nominations is on May 13, 2022 by 5 pm.

Please mail your nomination letter addressing the above to:

San Geronimo Valley Community Center

c/o Alexa Davidson 

PO Box 194 

San Geronimo CA 94963


You can also email your nomination to:

We look forward to receiving your nominations!

Your ERCSA Nomination Committee,

John Beckerley, Cia Donahue, Steve Pinkney, Michelle Clein, Dave Cort, Alexander McQuilkin, Alexa Davidson, Danielle Fogel

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