Equity Statement

The San Geronimo Valley Community Center recognizes that social justice is fundamental to the health of our communities and to our mission as an organization. We commit to examining our organizational behavior on an ongoing basis to ensure that our programs, practices, and procedures are antiracist, equitable, and inclusive of all in our community. We commit to accepting all without bias and taking intentional action for social justice and we commit to creating culturally diverse programming that educates, inspires action, and shifts norms.

We will do this by:

  1. Engaging with and listening to our most vulnerable community members in order to understand and identify their needs and how to best provide relevant services.
  2.  Assessing and addressing cultural bias/racist assumptions in our own individual lives and in our organization’s policies and practices
  3. Encouraging and leading community conversations to raise consciousness and promote socially just actions in our community and beyond
  4. Cultivating partnerships with other Marin based organizations who share our goal to promote social justice