Zoila’s Child Care Center

Zoila’s Aftercare for grades Kindergarten through 3rd grade

Dear Lagunitas School District Families,

We are overjoyed to announce that Zoila’s aftercare will be opening Monday, April 19, 2021. Hours of operation will be from 1:30 pm -5:30 pm for Kindergarten through 3rd grades. We understand that some families with children in 4th – 5th may also need afterschool childcare and we are happy to work with families to include siblings or older students into the program for those that need it. For families with students in Middle School, we will not be currently opening the LOFT afterschool program. However, we are open to creating outdoor after-school activities for Middle School students.

The cost of our program is a $25 flat fee per day and will need to be paid in advance. We are moving away from billing on an hourly basis—with the new Covid-19 guidelines our staff needs a commitment from families ahead of time to ensure that we can safely operate. Above all, however, we want to ensure that our childcare programs remain an affordable option in our community and scholarships and sliding scales are available for families with financial needs. Additionally, our programs thrive because of the generosity of donors and we encourage families who can afford, to consider sponsoring another family by making a contribution to our scholarship fund. Let us know what we can do to make this service available to you and we will try to accommodate families on a needs basis to provide equitable childcare for all.

Families, children, and staff will continue to adhere to CDC safety guidelines and protocols to ensure the well-being of all. The majority of the program will be held outside with indoor use of Room 2 and the Multipurpose Room on the upper campus. Our afterschool cohorts will be capped at 14 per cohort as recommended by the CDC and we will be providing individualized art supplies, snacks, and toys to keep everyone safe while still bringing the fun to our afterschool programs.

Our staff is excited to get out and play in the safest way possible with the children! Please fill out the forms attached below and return them to nramirez@sgvcc.org.

If you have any questions and/or concerns, please feel free to reach out.

Thank you,

Nicole Ramirez nramirez@sgvcc.org

Director of Human Services and Youth Programs

SGVCC Agreement

Zoila’s Form

Scholarship Application English

Scholarship Application Spanish

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The San Geronimo Valley Day Care Center was established in 1975 by Judy Jessop and was located under the painted rainbow in the East Room of the Community Center building. The program has been a valley staple ever since. Zoila Berardi served as director of the program for the last 40 years and locals know it simply as “Zoila’s.”

The Day Care staff emphasizes a playful and loving atmosphere. Activities include outdoor play, stories, arts, and games. A healthy snack provided in the afternoons. A home-like environment is the goal, filled with patience and love.

Zoila’s is now in Room 2 on the Lagunitas School upper campus. Zoila’s serves children in kindergarten through 3rd grade and as always, our staff will escort all kindergarteners from both Montessori and Open Classroom to Zoila’s every day at noon.

Children in 1st through 3rd grade will either walk to Zoila’s in room 2 if they are arriving from Open Classroom, or by bus from the lower campus.

For more information about any Community Center Youth Program please contact Nicole Ramirez at nramirez@sgvcc.org