Zoila’s Child Care Center

Zoila’s Aftercare for grades Kindergarten through 3rd grade

To request childcare for your child please complete the registration forms provided and email them to nramirez@sgvcc.org . We will have follow-up paperwork to complete once your child is registered. We will not accept drop-ins and if your childcare schedule is going to change, we ask for a week in advance notice. We do understand that changes may occur, and we are willing to work with families. A set schedule of childcare needs will

Our goal is to ensure that we maintain a safe and consistent environment for staff and children.  A set schedule of childcare needs will help us to provide the most

Staff and children will continue to adhere to CDC safety guidelines and protocols to ensure the well being of all. Masks will be worn by both staff and children when indoors and outside unless individuals need a “break” and our properly distanced outside. The SGVCC will adhere to Covid-19 protocols that the Lagunitas School has in place as well.

Our schedule is as follows:  At 11:45am a staff member picks up kindergarteners at their classrooms and walks them to Zoila’s where they have lunch. Kindergarteners will be the only children in childcare until 3pm. At 3pm 1st-3rd grades will join aftercare. A small snack will be provided around 3:30 or 4pm and all eating, and drinking will be outside properly distanced.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out.

Thank You,

Nicole Ramirez

Director of Human Services & Youth Programs


The San Geronimo Valley Day Care Center was established in 1975 by Judy Jessop and was located under the painted rainbow in the East Room of the Community Center building. The program has been a valley staple ever since. Zoila Berardi served as director of the program for the last 40 years and locals know it simply as “Zoila’s.”

The Day Care staff emphasizes a playful and loving atmosphere. Activities include outdoor play, stories, arts, and games. A healthy snack provided in the afternoons. A home-like environment is the goal, filled with patience and love.

Zoila’s is now in Room 2 on the Lagunitas School upper campus. Zoila’s serves children in kindergarten through 3rd grade and as always, our staff will escort all kindergarteners from both Montessori and Open Classroom to Zoila’s every day at noon.

Children in 1st through 3rd grade will either walk to Zoila’s in room 2 if they are arriving from Open Classroom, or by bus from the lower campus.

For more information about any Community Center Youth Program please contact Nicole Ramirez at nramirez@sgvcc.org