Community Unlearning

We acknowledge that every day we continue to learn and grow—in fact, this very idea led us to create the Community Unlearning program and event series. The Community Unlearning program aims to re-educate and bring awareness to our communities about the realities of racism, discrimination, and other systems of oppression.

  • Community Reads: The Community Reads call for unlearning and engaging in hard, yet necessary conversations with ourselves and others that will provide an entrance point for anti-racism work. By engaging in community-wide education, we will gain a common understanding of racism in America, building a strong foundation for real change. When you participate in the Community Reads you have a community around you learning and growing together, weekly virtual discussion groups facilitated by members of the Community Center’s Equity Committee, and thought-provoking questions and guided conversations emailed to you weekly to enhance your learning.
    • Current Read: October 14th – November 25th – The New Jim Crow by Michelle Alexander. Email to learn more and to join the conversation.
    • Past Reads: How to be an Antiracist, by Ibram X. Kendi, read this book and access our discussion guide.
  • Community Conversations: These conversions provide you access to the wisdom of our boldest community leaders working on racial justice and equity initiatives in our county and beyond. You can watch recordings of our past discussions (see links below). Upcoming events include a Coast Miwok History, Heritage, and Activism Night, screening and discussion of important films, and more. Stay tuned for dates and information.