Community Center Reopens

We are so excited to see the Community Center building hustling, bustling, and full of programs and activities again! 

As we navigate this pandemic, we want to share with our community the guidelines we will be following. Being on a public school campus, we are required to follow the school protocols, which at times can be stricter than the County and State. Thank you for taking the time to review these guidelines–we are confident that together we can keep our community safe!

Here’s what you need to know when you visit the Community Center:


  • If you are sick or have been around someone who is/has been sick in the last 10 days, please do not come to the Community Center or Gym/LOFT.

Indoor Use:

  • People are encouraged to wear face coverings when inside our building or Community Gym, however it is not required.
  • If you are unvaccinated or the program or event requires masking, you must keep your mask on at all times.
  • For private events, attendees are strongly encouraged to wear masks indoors where vaccination status cannot be confirmed.
  • No eating will be permitted indoors.
  • The Community Center building, Gym, and LOFT will be regularly cleaned after daily use.

Outdoor Use:

  • Masks are not required outdoors but are strongly recommended in crowded environments.
  • Eating is permitted outdoors.