Class Descriptions

We are pleased to include an exciting assortment of programs, classes, and workshops for children, adults and families. These classes are offered by independent contractors who are responsible for the content as well as the fees for the classes. Please contact them directly for information on registration and payment. A PDF version of the current list of classes can be viewed or downloaded in the latest issue of the Catalogue Summer 2019

Enrichment Classes for Children

Zoila’s Day Care Center

The San Geronimo Valley Day Care Center was established in 1975 by Judy Jessop and run fr many years by Zoila Berardi. It is located on the Lagunitas School’s upper campus. The day care staff emphasizes a playful and loving atmosphere, encourages socialization, and allows for alone time and “doing nothing”. We have our own outdoor play area for nice days, along with stories, arts, games and a healthy snack provided in the afternoons. A home-like environment is the goal, filled with patience and love.
The Day Care Center is open Monday-Friday from 12:00pm to 6:00pm on school days. For more information call
(415) 488-4118 x309 and ask for Julie Young or email

Karate with Ramon Pruitt

Small group classes provide an exciting and challenging opportunity to improve physical fitness, while enhancing life skills requisite to success. Young People learn self-defense, perseverance, propriety, discipline, and leadership through a graduated series of physical and social challenges. Master Pruitt has trained 5 young people from white belt (starting rank) to world martial arts champion, as well as numerous life champions during his 35-plus years as a teacher.

For more information please visit or contact Ramon at (925) 820-9612 or email
Join us:
FEE: $15 per class or $60 for 3 months
WEDNESDAYS: 4:45-5:45
For further information Master Pruitt can be reached at his school in Danville:
(925) 820-9612
Valley Room

Lagunitas Kung Fu Classes for Kids with Joseph Vigneri

Join us this Fall! Learn Kung Fu and get ready to star in your own action movie! Kicking, leaping, punching, tumbling and awesome Kung Fu Animal moves make this class super fun! Each term, students will learn 2 Kung Fu Animals, spending 6 weeks on each Kung Fu Animal and earning 2 Animal Power Patches.

Study Material: Each Kung Fu animal has its own Fu book. Fu books are fun books, lucky books, work books to help deepen your kids’ learning. Kids learn via games, art and stories. Kids also get to learn simple Chinese lessons. Fu books are discussed in class and are helpful tools for kids to review lessons. Each Fu book is $10 + tax.

This Fall we will study the Jaguar and Bear. The Jaguar is Decisive “seize the moment.” The Bear is Honest “tell the truth and keep your promises.”

Kung Fu Animal Power for Ages 5 – 7
Monday 3:15 – 4:00 PM,
Wednesday 2:30 – 3:15 PM
($360/12 weeks, or $192 / paid every 6 weeks).

Kung Fu Animal Power™ Leadership Training for Kids will help your kids grow up into responsible, athletic, adults capable of defending themselves. These classes are a fun way to get exercise, build a healthy, coordinated body, understand good character, and and build confidence by learning self defense.

Animal Power and Traditional Kung Fu Ages 7/8 +
Monday 4:10 – 5:40 PM, Wednesday 3:30 – 5:00 PM
($480/12 weeks, or $252 / paid every 6 weeks)

Kids 7/8 and above will also learn Northern Shaolin, the most dynamic and awesome style of Kung Fu there is. It’s fun! In the second part of class your child will learn Earth Dragon Staff. Earth Dragon Staff is a beautiful, rare and famous staff routine full exciting and varied staff moves. Kids love this part of class!!! Students also learn the Staff versus Staff form, clacking their staves together loudly and having a great time. Advanced kids learn more advanced weapons. With instructor’s permission, advanced kids can learn sparring in this class.

Kung Fu Sparring Class Youth Ages 9 +
Wednesday 4:45 – 5:30 PM Wednesday – Open to new students – Bring a friend! $180 for 12 weeks. Add this Sparring Class to a Kung Fu class for $96

Sparring safely with close supervision, proper instruction and plenty of padding builds real self confidence and self defense skill. Build real anti bullying confidence with practical skills and experience. All students learn proper control and respect for one another. Everyone learns, and becomes skillful in, dodging, covering up, blocking, defensive footwork and mental focus. Since everyone is wearing lots of great padded safety gear and taking it easy with close supervision class is safe yet still super fun. Think sparring tag and drills with gear. This class can be taken separately from our other classes. Proper sparring gear package is mandatory with enrollment.

Costs Boys’ Sparring Kit: $118 + tax = $129.80 including carrying bag, head gear, gloves, shin protector, groin protector, mouth guard and case.

Girls’ Sparring Kit: $168 + tax = $184.80 including carrying bag, head gear, gloves, chest protector, shin protector, mouth guard and case.

A San Geronimo Valley native, Instructor Joseph Vigneri brings eight plus years of intense training in both Kung Fu and teaching combined with a great rapport with kids to these classes.

Come Join us now!!! Enroll by contacting Sifu Joseph Vigneri at or 415 259 9379


Adult Classes

Integral Way T’ai Chi with Kenn & Vicki Chase

Traditional Tai Chi Ch’uan is the ancient art of “moving meditation”. With practice, one achieves a sense of peace, serenity, balance and tranquility. Tai Chi transforms our relationship with our internal and external worlds through a series of slow, graceful movements. With emphasis on awareness, one achieves greater flow and function in movement. Balance and flexibility are improved and muscular strength increases.

Kenn Chase has taught traditional Yang Style Tai Chi for over 40 years and is a certified Feldenkrais™ Practitioner. His wife, Vicki is a registered nurse and has practiced and taught Tai Chi and stress management with Kenn for over 30 years. Together they bring a blend of yin/yang to their teaching.

Join Kenn and Vicki experience the magic of Tai Chi and what it can do for you!

Tuesdays 11:30-12:30 pm (intermediate)
Instructor: Vicki Chase,RN

TAI CHI – LONG FORM (advanced)
Tuesdays 10-11am, Valley Room
Instructor: Vicki Chase, RN
Fridays 9-10 am, Valley Room
Instructors: Kenn and Vicki Chase
Fridays 10-11 am (advanced)
Instructors: Kenn and Vicki Chase

Class Fees: $65/4 week session email:

Call 415-488-4213 for more information and/or to register.

Watercolor Basics and Beyond with Marty Meade

A comprehensive class welcoming all skill levels. For those just starting out, the basics will be covered: color mixing, washes, wetdry approaches – just handling the paint itself! More advanced students are welcome to bring in their own projects or to consult with instructor for direction. We will work from studio still life and landscape. All subject matter welcome, including abstraction. Bring whatever watercolor supplies you may have to the first class. See College of Marin Catalogue to register. Contact: 488-4210.

FEE: $98 (Includes $16 special fee) 6 weeks
FRIDAYS: 10:10 AM–1:00 PM
August 30–October 4; October 25-December 6
West Room

Yuan Gong with Richard Danon

Yuan Gong is a form of qigong (gentle movements that increase the flow of energy or “Qi”) that is easy to learn and brings increased wellbeing and health to many areas of your life. It is flexible in how it can be practiced, very effective, and safe. It can be modified for those who have physical limitations.

Richard Danon is certified in all 6 levels of Yuan Gong and has been studying Qigong with Yuan Tze since 2009 and teaching Yuan Gong since its inception in 2013. He is pleased to be continuing the class that Amy Matthaei began and taught until relocating to Seattle.

The format will continue to be drop in and will cover the first 3 YG methods. No previous experience necessary. Richard offers workshops periodically and private sessions
are available.

Wednesday 9-10 am, West Room
$15 drop in, $60/series of 5 classes.
Questions? Contact Richard; or call/text 415-302-4395

Core and Strengthening Fitness Classes

Susan Chavez

Susan Chavez is teaching a core and body strengthening class. This class will focus on posture, balance and muscular strength along with stretching. It is an hour and fifteen minutes long. Come join the fun.

Valley Room
FRIDAYS: 8:30–9:30 AM

FEE: $15.00 Drop in, $70 (5 classes card).

Join us by dropping in, or email Susan for more information at

Corematics: Targeting Abdominal, Back And Flexibility with Susan Chavez

This popular class is designed for anyone who wants to feel stronger in the abdominal, oblique, and back muscles. This class will be augmented by many flexibility exercises to increase range of motion, decrease risk of injury while enhancing your overall balance.

For more information, please contact:

FEE: $15 per class, $70 (5 classes card), $135 (10 classes card)
TUESDAY and THURSDAY 7:30 – 8:30 AM
Valley Room

Exercise For Altacockers

Synergy  –  the total effect is greater than the sum of the separate parts

This is a class that synergistically combines stretching, breath & core work, isometrics, yoga, dance and Qigong with surprise elements like balancing, tapping and vocalizing.

You can enter feeling like crap and it’s pretty much guaranteed (99.9%) that you’ll leave with a smile on your face. A good class for those who want to improve health and/or stay healthy and in shape.

Mornings in the Valley Room

Monday – 10:45 – 11:45

Tuesday – 8:45 – 9:45

Wednesday – 10:45 – 11:45.

Open To All

Bring a yoga mat

Instructor – Carole Alter, award winning artist, writer, performer and dancer

Donations Gratefully Accepted


“Off the Wall” Monthly Freewrite Sessions with Barbara Swift Brauer

Join us for 2 hours of carefree, stress-free creativity! We write for a time, then have the chance to share what we’ve written, and write again. No judgment, no expectations. Just fun. Optional prompts provided, including inspiration from the amazing art on exhibit each month in the Center’s Del Mue Galleries. All ages, all experience levels welcome.

A Valley resident for 30 years, Barbara is a poet and freelance editor and writer.

FREE and open to all!
Ongoing monthly – Next sessions on Sundays, Sept 22, Oct 20, Nov 17 2:00-4:00 pm

Living Room

Questions? Email or phone (415) 488-4605

SING YOURSELF HAPPY with Terry Garthwaite

Original and traditional songs and spirit jingles to soothe the spirit, awaken the body, and delight the mind. Melodies, modes, harmony, rhythm.

All in good time, in good company–weaving a magic spell of well-being together.

Terry is a pioneer in contemporary music made by women–original member of the groundbreaking rock band “Joy of Cooking”. Now leads all kinds of chant, rhythm, improv and creative workshops, and writes complex, pithy, humorous, memorable rounds and chants.

“…Terry’s music brings me to a place where I can be in touch with wisdom and power flowing through me.”

“…imaginative, fun, and relevant messages of change.”

3rd SUNDAYS of the month: 4:15-5:45
FEE: $25
For more info, contact

Handwork group with Rebecca Maloney & Denise Jackson

Do you love to knit? Or would you like to learn?

Our informal and very friendly group of knitters meets for a few hours most every Thursday afternoon in the “Living Room” of the San Geronimo Valley Community Center.

Don’t hesitate to drop in. Everyone is welcome.  All levels of skills from experts to those just getting started. Learn the basics, tricks, or follow complex patterns. Knitting is Zen.  Practice makes perfect.

Questions?  More information?

Rebecca Maloney  415-261-7583

Denise Jackson 415-936-9286

Crocheters, spinners, weavers, sewers, embroiderers, needlepoint mavens and all sorts of handcrafters are more than welcome.

Thank you and much gratitude to Victoria Saxe who got this group started.

Thursdays 1:00 PM

Living Room

BRIDGE CLASS with Rich Schiller

Have you always wanted to learn bridge?

Commitment to learn to play imperative. It’s not a game to learn unless you really want it.

Free classes
Wednesdays Noon to 2pm
Sign up soon. Couples welcome.
60 years experience from teacher Rich Schiller
Contact Rich at

YOGA OF 12-STEP RECOVERY with Chelsea Rappel of Awakened Recovery

Connect. Breathe. Come home to yourself. Yoga of 12 Step Recovery (Y12SR) is a donation-based group sharing circle followed by a therapeutic yoga class focusing on recovery principles. Informed by the latest research in neuroscience and trauma healing, Y12SR combines the somatic approach of yoga with the cognitive approach of the 12-step recovery model. We share our experience, strength, and hope, and then TAKE IT TO THE MAT to release unwanted tension and stress. Gentle stretching, meditation, and relaxation techniques lead us to feeling more empowered, supported, and at ease in our bodies and minds.

12-Step affiliation is NOT required for participation, only a desire to live free from unwanted behaviors that drag you down versus lift you up. Welcome ages 18-118, all “A’s,” bodies, and levels of experience. Dress comfortably and bring a yoga mat (limited mats available to borrow).

Chelsea Rappel is a Yoga Therapist, local Drug and Alcohol Counselor, owner of Awakened Recovery, and enthusiastic Valley resident. From East to West Coast, she has empowered others through yoga and meditation for over a decade. Her own journey to recovery through yoga and support groups has ignited a passion to share this healing modality with her community.

Classes held 1st & 3rd Mondays from 7:00-8:45PM
West Room
Donation-Based Class: $5-$25 (No one turned away due to lack of funds). Cash and credit card accepted at the door. A third of the proceeds go to Huckleberry Youth Programs in San Rafael. Huckleberry provides addiction recovery support for youth.

Connect with Chelsea! E-mail: | Website:

Astronomy 101: What’s Up in the Fall Night Sky? with Rich Lohman

Do you wonder what those bright objects are in tonight’s sky? Could they be planets or are they stars? If you have these questions, then this is the class where you can find the answers and a whole lot more. Join us in this basic orientation to the night sky: identifying stars, planets and constellations AND learning about the beautiful objects up there that you can’t see just with your eyes. Haven’t seen either Jupiter or Saturn through a nice telescope? You will have that opportunity. During the 4 weeks of this class there will be at least one visit to my home observatory in Woodacre, Depending upon interest, this class may be extended beyond the 4 sessions.

Tuesday nights, Sept 17—Oct 8. 7-9 pm
East Room

FEE: $15 Drop in, $40 for 4 class sessions.
Please call or email to register or for more info: , 415-488-1938 (h),
510-292-8416 (cell, text OK)


Using Pilates and Neuro-muscular techniques you will learn to move your body in a way that strengthens the connection between your brain and your body. This creates balance, kinesthetic movement, and strength. Easy, delicate movements increase the consciousness between tissues, muscles, and nerves. This class benefits those who would like help with posture, rejuvenating bones (osteoporosis), and auto-immune and neuro-muscular issues. We will also touch on movement to improve your vision.

Pnina Zoharah is an international healer, bodyworker and movement instructor with 25 years of experience helping people with neuromuscular diseases, vision challenges, and auto-immune issues. She uses pilates, movement therapy, bodywork, hands-on healing and emotional release work in her practice. She enjoys exploring the connections between body, mind, and spirit.

Wednesdays from 10-11 AM.
$60 for 4 classes
$20 for one
East Room


The Art of Living Mindfully has been cancelled for this term.

This event has been cancelled and will be rescheduled at future date:


Hugh Delehanty, author.

A one-day workshop on the fundamentals of mindfulness practice. Learn the basics of sitting meditation, plus walking meditation, mindful eating, and other embodied practices. We will also explore how to work with difficult emotions, tame the judging mind, overcome obstacles to meditation, and develop compassion and loving-kindness for oneself and others.

For beginning students and experienced meditators looking to refresh and deepen their practice.

SATURDAY, NOV. 2, 9:30am-5pm
West Room
Fees: Sliding scale $75-$125

Hugh Delehanty is a certified teacher with the Mindfulness Training Institute who has studied meditation for more than 25 years with Charlotte Joko Beck, Tara Brach, Adyashanti, and other teachers. He is also an editor-at-large at Mindful magazine and co-author of two national bestsellers on mindfulness and peak performance—Sacred Hoops and Eleven Rings—with former NBA coach Phil Jackson.

To find out more and/or register, contact Hugh at or 202-251-3225.