San Geronimo Valley and Nicasio COVID-19 Emergency Fund

The San Geronimo Valley and Nicasio Covid-19 Emergency Fund provides $500 grants to individuals and families who are experiencing financial hardship directly related to the Covid-19 pandemic. These funds can be used to assist with rent or mortgage payments, bills, grocery expenses, medical expenses, or other essential needs. These funds will only be awarded to San Geronimo Valley and Nicasio residents, however, West Marin Community Services has similar funds available for other areas of West Marin.

We are now accepting applications for our fifth round of funding. Please apply between August 1 and August 15. Applications will be processed by August 22nd and distributed immediately.  
If you have questions about the August 2020 distribution, please contact 415-488-8888 ext. 250 or email

In partnership with San Geronimo Valley Emergency Fund and the San Geronimo Valley Affordable Housing Association, we are proud to support our community in this way. We stand with you in this unique and challenging time. We would like to thank the Marin Community Foundation and the County of Marin for their generous and continued support of our mission and community. This would not be possible without your partnership.

Application instructions: Please click the application link and download the document. The downloaded document can be filled out on the computer and emailed to The application can also be printed, filled out, scanned, and returned by email. We will also be accepting applications by mail at PO BOX 194, San Geronimo, CA 94963. Please remember to include your proof of residency with your application. Additionally, over the phone assistance is available if you do not have access to a computer, printer, or email address. Please call (415) 488-8888 ext. 250.

Application in English: SGVEmergencyFundCovidApplication_August

Aplicación en Español: SGVEmergFundCovidApplication-espanol_agosto

If you are not in need of financial assistance and would like to make a donation to the fund to support your neighbors, please click here to our DONATION PAGE.

If you are experiencing financial hardship because of reasons outside the Covid-19 pandemic or you need additional financial support, the San Geronimo Valley Emergency Fund is still accepting applications as normal. Please see their San Geronimo Valley Emergency Fund Application.


Financial Assistance

Financial Support During Shelter in Place

Unemployment Insurance

Those unable to work during this time are able to apply for unemployment insurance.

Disability Benefits

Those infected by COVID-19 may apply for disability insurance.  The California Governor’s Executive Order waives the one-week unpaid waiting period, so you can collect DI benefits for the first week you are out of work. If you are eligible, the EDD processes and issues payments within a few weeks of receiving a claim.

Public Assistance Services

This site has information on County Medical Services Program, CalFresh/SNAP, CalWorks and Medi-Cal Benefits.

This is the most up-to-date link to the places where clients can use their EBT cards in-person. Type in your address and stores in the area pop up.