Memory Screening

Thursday, April 13, 2017
9 am – 1 pm

Are you concerned? Take Action!

Who should be screened?

Memory screening makes sense for anyone concerned about memory loss. Screenings are also appropriate for anyone who does not have a concern right now, but who wants to see how their memory is now and for future comparison.

What is memory screening?

Memory screening is as simple as a few short activities with a geriatric professional. How you do with the activities is not a diagnosis and in no way does it replace consultation with a qualified health professional, but it may lead to a thoughtful conversation about “next steps.” You have time to discuss your concerns with a professional. The screenings are confidential sessions just between you and a professional that take less than an hour.

Why screen now?

Why not? It’s never too early (or too late) to make lifestyle changes that can affect your overall health:

  • Nutrition — eat lean protein, fruits, vegetables, foods high in omega 3-fatty acids and antioxidants
  • Socialization — call a family member, visit a friend, join an organization, volunteer
  • Mental Stimulation — read out loud, problem solve, play a game
  • Spirituality — pray, meditate, go to a place of worship
  • Physical Activity — walk, dance, garden

Memory Screenings are a national initiative of the Alzheimer’s Foundation of America. In our community, Senior Access, Senior Helpers, and our dedicated volunteers are working together to bring this initiative to you.

For more information or to schedule an appointment, contact Nicole Ramirez – call 415-488-8888 ext 254 or email