Art Exhibitions

The Community Center showcases local artists in our monthly exhibits in the Center’s Maurice del Mue Galleries in the Valley and West Rooms. We strive to introduce new artists and cultural forms, as well as bring back local favorites to celebrate the diversity of artistic expression.

Current Exhibition

In the Maurice del Mue Galleries

San Geronimo Valley Community Center

April 1-30, 2017

Reception Sunday, April 9, 4-7pm

The San Geronimo Valley Community Center is proud to present Marty Meade and Her Friday Morning Art Groups.

Marty Meade is a long-time instructor of glass art and watercolor teaching at the San Geronimo Valley Community center, College of Marin and through her studio. Marty works in glass bead making, advanced lampworked glass bead making as well as watercolor.

She apprenticed in traditional stained glass with Judy North and studied in Chartres, France with Roger Darricarrere.  Marty studied Expressive Arts Therapy at John F. Kennedy University. She received the Youth in Arts’ Pamela Levine Arts Education Leadership Award and was acknowledged as College of Marin Teacher of the Year (2006).  The April exhibit features the work both by Meade and her current art students.

Meade Says: “I like to think of myself as teaching the ‘craft’, but then supporting the ‘artists’ as they express their own voice through these mediums.”

Featured artists include Marilee Rogers, Kelly Todd, Joan Beavin, Roberta 0’Neal, Genna Panzarella, Liz Albriton, Nina Frankel, Kelley Baer, Sue Evans, Nancy Dunbar, Camille Noble, Sally Fairfax, Jan Anderson, Janet Pigot, Marilyn O’Mara Bern, Jeri Gilbert, Karen Koenig, Leo Den Ouden, Susan Micheletti, Cathy Ramberg, Marguerite Illingworth, Miriam Jankü, Kathleen Schmitt-Cone and Patti Buckley.

A special focus of the exhibit is the sculpture and watercolors of student Sam Fleeger.


Past Exhibitions


In the Maurice del Mue Galleries

San Geronimo Valley Community Center

Working from Home: Richard Lang and Judith Selby Lang

Reception; Sunday, March 12, 4-7 PM

The San Geronimo Valley Community Center is proud to present Working from Home: Richard Lang and Judith Selby Lang.

Here’s what the Langs have to say about their show:

When we turn onto Tamal Road after being out in the world, we sigh, knowing we are home. We may spot the lightening flash of the eyes of a raccoon on the prowl or see the familiar herd of deer waiting for the fruit fall of apples. From horses grazing to the flurry of turkeys crossing, creatures large and small also call this place home.

As we drive up the road we may stop to chat with neighbors in their yards or walking with their dogs on their way to the post office. Here street cred is knowing the status of the salmon in the creek or what to do about the problem of too many tomatoes.

After some 20 years of commuting to San Francisco, we are relieved to not be making daily trips over the hill. Some folks call it “retired.” We like to say, we are now, Working From Home.

We are growing our garden and have revved up our individual art practices. To celebrate this welcome change we each have created a body of work that together we call Working from Home. Tilling the richness of the invisible forces of nature, Richard will present Molecular Gardening, a series of mixed media works. Getting to know our neighbors on Tamal Road is the theme of Judith’s portraits and prayer flags.

Harry Cohen and Friends

Art exhibition featuring 14 Bay Area artists

Renowned Abstract Expressionist, Harry Cohen, along with 12 other Marin and San Francisco artists will present an extraordinary art exhibition Feb. 1- 28 at the San Geronimo Valley Community Center, 6350 Sir Francis Drake Blvd. in San Geronimo. An Opening Reception will be held on Saturday, Feb. 4 from 4-7 pm.

At 92, Harry Cohen is painting every day in his studio high in the Redwoods above Woodacre.  His work has been displayed in numerous galleries and museums across the country and was described as “reflecting his personality, gregarious and exuberant, full of passion for life, yet also capable of subtlety and gentleness.”

Over the years, Cohen has surrounded himself with an illustrious “gang” of painters, sculptors, and photographers that meet regularly at the Woodacre Café to share ideas, stories and bagels.

Artists participating in the show:

Harry Cohen-painting

Michael Killen-painting

Jo Killen-ceramic sculpture

Skip Henderson-painting

Beth Pewter-painting

Leonard Breger-painting

Brian Carter-painting

Peter Strindberg-painting or sculpture

Bruce Burtch-photography

Fred Holle-painting

Karen Worth-painting

Jack Kamesar-sculpture

Lars Johnson-pain


Tthe 7th Annual Senior Lunch Group Show.

Counted among the usual participants at the weekly get-togethers are a number of remarkable, vital artists.

Center is presenting a group exhibit showcasing the watercolors, pastels, paintings, ceramics and photographs of Senior Lunch participants including Al Ardelle, Geoff Bernstein, Diane Cokely, Gaetano DeFelice, Marie Eisen, Griffe Griffiths, Michel Kotski, Laura Kradjan-Cronin, Elaine Nehm, Larry Rippee and Tom Tabakin.

Pressing Matters VII: Annual Printmakers Group Show
November 3rd-30th, 2016

The seventh annual Pressing Matters is a group show highlighting local print artist’s aquatint and drypoint etchings, linocuts, lithographs, collographs, letter press, screen prints, monoprints and monotypes. This year’s featured artists include Fred L. Berensmeier, Geoff, Bernstein, Corina del Carmel, Martha Cederstrom, Danielle Fogel, Scott Gibbons, Zachary Gilmour, Art Hazelwood, Amos Klausner, Veronica Buros Kleinberg, Sophie Larsen, Cindy Miracle, Barbara Morris, Elaine Nehm, Larry Rippee, Gabriele Schwibach, Sam Vaughan, Xander Weaver-Scull and Zoltron

Kara Girls- Korcho Village, Ethiopia

5th annual Photographers Group Show
The San Geronimo Valley Community Center is very pleased to present the 5th annual Photographers Group Show. The show highlights the work of San Geronimo Valley and regional photographers. The range of works includes landscape, still life, nature, portrait, abstract and experimental approaches to photography. Participating artists include Gisela Alvarado, Al Ardelle, Geoff Bernstein, Laurence Brauer, Norm Catalano, Abby Cunningham, Donn DeAngelo, Gaetano DeFelice, Rudi Dundas, Hank Floyd, Harlan Floyd, Sr. (1928 – 1991), Anne McClain, Dan McKenna, Michel Kotski, Peter Pennypacker, Sierra Salin, Joe Sharp, Andrew Spalding and Tom Tabakin.