School Readiness for children 0-5

School Readiness Program – Events, Resources, Classes for Families with Children Ages 0-5 years old

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What a child experiences during the first five years of life will greatly influence her/his progress in school. This is the third year that the School Readiness Program has been implemented at the Community Center.  We have introduced, serviced, referred, played with, blessed over 250 children under the age of 5 and their families during this time!   Now, families with young children have a “community” to socialize with, learn from, and give and gain resources from.  New families come to the Community Center regularly to find out more information about the Ready, Set, Go School Readiness Program.  We have many different activities, events, and resources for all families and all are FREE and Bi-lingual.  For more information on the program or any events listed call Heather, Coordinator, at 488-4118 ext 251 or email

Up Coming Events

Ongoing: Free Weekly Playgroup for all children 0-5 years old, Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10-12 in the Communtiy Center. 

San Geronimo Valley Playgroup

San Geronimo Valley Play GroupTwice a week, the San Geronimo Valley Community Center offers a free playgroup for all children 0-5 years old on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10-12. Bring yourself, and all your little 0-5 year old friends too. No need to sign up. Just come, bring some snacks to share and have fun!

Bring your little ones down to play! Bring yourself to meet other families with little ones. For more information call Heather at 488-4118 ext. 251 or email

Frequantly on Thursdays we have a special event planned for the playgroup time. Special events include; special art and craft progects, free music and movement classes and more! Please check our calendar for these special monthly events!

Summer Bridge...Getting Ready for Kindergarten!

Summer Bridge is located at "Zoila's" adjacent to the San Geronimo Valley Community Center.

San Geronimo Valley Summer Bridge Getting Ready for Kindergarten!

Summer Bridge is a FREE, 5-week School Readiness Program for children with little or no pre-school experience, who will enter Kindergarten.

During Summer Bridge, children will learn to:
• Follow classroom routines and rules
• Respect others
• Play with other children and make friends
• Enjoy physical activities and games
• Use classroom materials, i.e. pencils, scissors, etc.
• Engage in art and music activities
• Improve communication skills
• Improve number, color and shape recognition

Summer Bridge Easy Info Sheet
Where do I turn in Summer Bridge registration forms?

Turn in Summer Bridge registration forms to Heather Richardson at the San Geronimo Valley Community Center, 6350 Sir Francis Drake Blvd.  or send  to PO Box 194 San Geronimo, CA 94963
How do I get a hold of Summer Bridge?
You can always email Heather at  or call 415-497-2072
When does Summer Bridge start and end?
SB begins on Monday June 30th and end Friday July 31st.
What are the hours Summer Bridge runs?
Summer Bridge is from 9-12 Monday through Friday.
How do I call Summer Bridge during the school day?
The classroom's direct line is 488-9344
What are Family Fridays?
Each Friday, parents join their child in the classroom for the morning for an interactive family filled event.
I work! Where can my child go after Summer Bridge each day?

      The SGVCC offers a wonderful summer camp in the Loft and gym and Summer Bridge kids are welcome to join in. Summer Bridge staff escorts campers up to camp after Summer Bridge each day. For camp information click here.

Space is limited: RESERVE YOUR SPACE NOW by calling or Email or 415-497-2072

Family and Health Advocate Services

The School Readiness program has a Family Advocates for families with 0-5 year olds, Heather Richardson. Need information on housing, job training, childcare, health insurance, County resources and agencies, etc. call or visit Heather! Call 488-4118 ext. 251.