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At all Events: no dogs except service dogs.

Current Art Show

McQuilkin Family Music Hour - Saturday, March 28, 7pm

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Upcoming Events

Good Morning Mission Hill

The freedom to teach. The freedom to learn.

Wednesday, April 1st, 7 pm

A new film by Tom and Amy Valens, creaters of August to June: bringing Life to school

Free screening with the filmmakers

“A remarkable and inspiring film! What you see in this film is real learning.” Nancy Carlsson Paige, founder, Defending the Early Years.

“Another splendid piece of work!” Alfie Kohn, award winning writer on children and schools.



Volunteers Needed for Events!

B. Someone who loves the Internet and would like to help get the word out about Community Center events by researching and posting to various community, arts and other sites.

C. An organizational genius who likes to set up filing systems, organize storage and otherwise help develop systems for stuff and information.

D. People who like to walk and check out the shops to help distribute event posters to local shops and boards and/or those in other parts of Marin.

E. Artists and designers who would like to upgrade our fliers or donate design for one of our larger events.

F. Be a community host for one of our events. See an event you think is great! Help us by inviting 10 of your friends and letting us use your name on our community host list in publicity.

G. Are you buff? Lift heavy things for a good cause -

For more information or inquiries about other ways to volunteer please call
Hannah at 488-8888 #253 or Email: